Sunset Glow~Illuminating Balm


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Sunset Glow~✨New!✨ Illuminating Balm for lips, cheeks, and eyes!!! This shade is exactly like the glow of a summer sunset... swipe right to see proof of this phenomenon! ☺️ 🌅
This makeup is all natural and made of lightweight vitamin rich oils that promote cellular regeneration! This isn’t your average makeup! It is high vibe and will make you feel ALIVE!!! 🌸✨🌈

(Sunset Glow~ Illuminating Balm is baaaaaaack! And slightly different than last year!) It’s a bit more pink!!! It’s a gorgeous peachy pink with gold/apricot overtones that shimmer when the sun hits! Absolutely beautiful. Completely natural and nourishing for the skin. Ended up smelling sort of like a creamsicle due to the vanilla and orange essential oils!!! Excited to have this one back in my life!!! Also used a new kind of mango butter that won’t go grainy (this is totally normal and natural with the raw butters I use)... so it’ll stay nice and smooth overtime!!!🤩😀💓