Sunshower~ Purifying Cleansing Oil


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Surprise!!! A new cleansing oil for you!!! Sunshower Purifying Cleansing Oil because I’m obsessed with all potions that have the Sunshower blend... and that blend happens to have oils that support the detoxification of skin and help reduce breakouts!

This new cleansing oil features Eucalyptus! Can’t get enough of it! Eucalyptus clears the air and your lungs! It is so refreshing and revitalizing! It also helps reduce inflammation and combats breakouts. Spiritually it cleanses and protects the aura, and resonates with the heart chakra. 💚
Sunshower is a bright and uplifting blend of white grapefruit, sweet orange, eucalyptus, Vetiver and a subtle hint of vanilla. The citrus oils detoxify the skin and bring joy, optimism, and inspiration, the eucalyptus smells fresh like all the plants rejuvenated after a good rain, and Vetiver promotes cell regeneration, and smells like the earths breath! A touch of vanilla, to bring a warmth and sweetness to the blend! These oils are in a base of balancing organic golden jojoba, camellia, perilla seed and castor oils.... the latest batch has been upgraded with some Tamanu and pumpkin seed oils!😍

Here's what you do: massage oil into face for about 2 minutes. Run a washcloth under warm-hot water, then wring out and place it on your face... letting it gently steam your pores wide open... deeply inhale the beautiful aroma of healing essential oils 😉 and then use the washcloth to gently wipe the oil off. Follow up with toner and a serum... and a night cream if more hydration is needed.

Oil cleansing helps to limit sebum production (the stuff that clogs pores) and balance your natural oils. It takes off makeup and deeply cleanses pores while nourishing the skin with the vitamins and antioxidants found in the precious oils. It leaves skin looking and feeling soft, balanced and radiant!