Sweet Borealis - Detoxifying Body Oil


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✨Sweet Borealis✨The new limited edition body (and hair!) oil is back in stock, and it's perfect. This thick luxurious nectar of the forest smells sweet, resinous, and bright like crushed poplar buds between your fingers, juniper beneath your feet, cedar towering over and notes of wild mint and rosemary swirling around the air. Hints of pink grapefruit and vanilla linger around there too..maybe not so boreal ('of the north' 😆) but they compliment the blend so nicely and offer immense therapeutic value. This is a Spring detox oil! Made from fresh poplar bud resin in a base of avocado, olive, argan, and golden jojoba oils. The unique blend of essential oils encourage lymphatic drainage, flush out toxins, dissolve fat cells, and help reduce cellulite which is often cause by toxins trapped under the skin. The carrier oils stimulate collagen production and help stimulate new cell growth to reveal smoother and softer skin. The poplar bud infusion offers so many benefits for so many different skin ailments as well. This blend is also amazing for hair and scalp! Use on scalp to stimulate hair growth and to treat dandruff. Pull it through hair for the ultimate pre wash or overnight hair treatment. So many of my products are multi-use! Infused with watermelon tourmaline crystal to aid in letting go, so you can go with the flow... 🙏🏻✨