Sweet Borealis~Healing Beauty Silk


This delicious healing silk is infused with poplar bud resin which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and known for its ability to soothe, repair and regenerate skin. The smell of poplar buds is also euphoric! This blend also contains luxurious oils of moringa, marula, tamanu, baobab, and olive squalane which all deeply moisturize, strengthen, and plump skin, support collagen production, encourage cellular repair and overall radiance and can be used on face, body, nails, or hair! Use on body to help fade scars. Try it on eczema! The options are endless with this little powerhouse of natural magic!

The essential oils chosen for this blend, help move the lymph and reduce puffiness and stagnation in the skin.. especially when used with a Gua Sha tool or with facial massage!

The aroma is warm, fresh, and sweet with essential oils of vanilla, cypress, grapefruit, frankincense, juniper, clary sage, Cedarwood, Vetiver and sandalwood.