Sweet Revival~ Hydrating Silk (body oil, natural perfume oil, bath oil, mediation oil)~ Renewal and Rebirth


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Hello my friends! I made this brand new hydrating silk on Easter Sunday. Diving deep within and asking the plants to guide me towards a potion that helped bring back the spark of life, of revival, a rebirth, a lightness of being, after moving through some very dense and foggy energies. Anyone else feel it?

And so I reached for plant allies that could help space for grief, for sadness, for the deep watery depths we hold within ourselves... I reached for Willow to take my tears and make something beautiful grow from them... for the roots of Vetiver to keep me anchored to the lifegiving love and care of Mother Earth.  

I added some cedar wood and cypress oils for cleansing and purifying and detoxing the body both physically and energetically. 

I intuitively brought in Peru Balsam ... and after revisited  its magical properties and know why I reached for it:

‘Balsam de Peru Essential Oil has a calming vanilla-like aroma. It brings peace with an unconditional love and empathy. The warm fragrance of Balsam de Peru Essential Oil fills the spaces that have remained cold, untouchable, and unreachable, allowing the heart to open and trust.
When one is in sorrow, Essential Oil of Balsam de Peru travels into the psyche to give comfort and relief from pain.

Magically, Balsam de Peru Essential Oil softly embraces us, spreading its warm fragrance around us like a cloak of protection. It protects us from emotional, mental, and physical storms that may impede upon us.’ ~ Debra Mauldin 

I think felt it needed some zip, some zest, some bright renewing energy! Something energizing! Something sweet, something sharp, something bright! And lemon-y floral litsea cubeba fit the bill! 

A touch of violet leaf absolute hits the nose the way, fresh greens bursting from buds on a sunny spring day! It smells GREEN.

Geranium was added for its resonance with the Sacred Heart and with the heart of Gaia.  It also helps to detox the body in spring.... AND repels ticks... and sooo this blend actually smells somewhat similar to our tick repellent roller (which I know so many of you use as perfume! Cause it’s just made of essential oils that smell amazing)! But the roller is much more potent for the ticks... so don’t just rely on this! This will be an added layer of protection though!

oh! And I added lavender.. cause lavender brings peace, calm, serenity.... and I added frankincense for its ability to transport us home to our true essence.. connected to our spiritual nature.💕Timeless, eternal, love. Untouched. Ever flowing from the fountain of life. 🙏

May you feel renewed, revived, reborn into your truest version of you.. with courage, wonder, wisdom, and grace. Feel it all to heal it all. You are gift. 💕


These will come without labels in a glass 100 ml bottle! The essential oils are in a base of luxurious camellia, Abyssinian and jojoba oils! Which are good for body, hair, and nails! So many uses! Only 11 available!