Sweet Soothe Body Oil~For dry, itchy, and sensitive skin~ with calendula,


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There’s a new oil in the apothecary~ Oat Oil! It’s thick, dark brown, luxurious, and so rich in vitamin E! It deeply hydrates and nourishes skin with no greasy residue, almost feels like powdery soft! It’s super soothing to dry and itchy skin, so I combined it with other superhero’s for dry and itchy skin~ calendula, chamomile, aloe Vera, and the tiniest touch of lavender and vanilla.
This can be for anyone who prefers a lighter aroma and who suffers from aggravated winter skin. I can also see this as a soothing mama and baby oil (3+ months and always patch test first). The chamomile not only soothes skin, but the emotional bodies as well! Oh ya, and I put one drop of Frankincense in the batch for its energetic qualities... to make it like a holy anointing oil for the most precious skin! 😘 I’m definitely keeping a bottle of this for myself!