Sweet Spirit~Shower Spray


Brand new! Sweet Spirit Shower Spa Spray! Most of my shower sprays are energizing and cleansing/clearing for the airways… but I wanted something soft, sweet, harmonizing, and peaceful for days I shower in the evening.. or just for a change of pace in the morning…. And soooo here we have ‘Sweet Spirit’~ made mostly of bergamot with a touch of lavender, Roman chamomile, blood orange, frankincense and Cedarwood… ✨✨✨

It’s soft, sweet, and soothing. Spray into your shower mist before stepping in and allow it to transform your entire bathroom into a spa experience! Mix and match shower sprays to create a unique experience! This one pairs beautifully with our Breath of Life shower spray!

This is a 100% essential oil spray meant to utilize the stream in the shower to create a spa like experience! Let your shower water heat up to a steam... spray 2-3 sprays into the steam before stepping in... the bottle is glass so it’s a good idea to keep the bottle out of the shower and do the spray right before stepping in. Your bathroom will still smell like a spa after your shower! It’s amazing!


WARNING: Because this blend has not been diluted with a carrier oil or water etc, it is imperative that you DO NOT use this as a body spray or face spray. 100% pure essential oils are not safe to use on skin without being diluted first so please bear this in mind. Do not spray into bath water either, use one of our body oils to scent your bathwater instead 😘😘😘