Vanish~Magic Dust~ detox mask and exfoliating dust


New!!! Vanish~Magic Dust~ Detox Mask and Exfoliating Powder
This potent yet gentle powder contains clays that draw out toxins and powders that shrink the appearance of large pores. Herbal extracts like rosemary and plantain have been added to bring speed up healing and bring regeneration to the skin.
This powder is best used as a spot treatment on acne prone areas..this could mean the t-zone, chin, or forehead. Mask a thin paste with water and apply to skin. Leave for 10-15 mins.. remove with a warm washcloth or wash away in the shower. The mask could be applied to the entire face but it is quite drying in nature... so spot treatment may be best!

You can also take a pinch of this powder and add to your oil cleanser (just used it with our equinox cleanser last night and it worked beautifully!) to make an exfoliating cleanser!
You can also make a paste and apply to bug bites. And you can also apply underarms after applying our deodorants as a touch up throughout the day. Sprinkle in shoes to reduce sweat and odor. 

If you are switching to our natural deodorant creams from conventional deodorant, you could always apply this mask as a paste to underarms as a detox mask... to help expel the toxins accumulated from conventional deos 😌


A little goes a long way!