Venus Alchemy Revitalizing Tonic

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Venus Alchemy Revitalizing Tonic... a brand new face mist/toner that features COPPER to promote cell renewal and tone and firm skin. Copper is known to benefit both skin and hair, and is often the missing component when signs of premature aging begin to creep up. It helps prevent premature greying and tones skin that has lost elasticity. Copper is paired with the top essential oils that have regenerating and firming/toning properties. These oils include frankincense, cistus rockrose, cypress (detoxifying as well), rosemary, and copal. It’s a beautiful grounding scent that I mist on both my face and scalp daily! I’ve been developing this for months... ever since I had a convo about copper with the Beauty @blondesovereign ! She told me about the benefits of copper! I already knew which essential oils would compliment it’s effects, and then I made a tincture with Frankincense, copal, and Myrrh for added gorgeousness... it’s purely divine. And why the name Venus? Because copper is the element ruled by Venus.. the planet/goddess of love and beauty 💗