Waking Earth-REBIRTH Ritual Oil


This new ritual oil centres around Sweet Birch oil... something I’ve never done before... why now? Because suddenly I got a spiritual ‘nudge’ to do so and when I looked up its meaning after making the oil, I released my intuition was bang on, as Birch symbolizes fertility, new beginnings, rebirth, growth, releasing old patterns, resolving conflicts, renewal and purification. This was the first Oil I poured in the potion... this oil is the star of the show... and it is surrounded by all of my warm forest balsam oils (because the forest is singing and ringing right now!), lavender, sacred frankincense, vanilla, cinnamon, labrador tea, cedarwood, palo santo... and then it has strong earthy base notes of vetiver and ruhkhus... a new oil I’ve acquired recently.. it is a special distillation of vetiver that has a green heartnote. It smells like the earth after a fresh spring rain, basically. I was so excited to use it for the first time! This is a very special blend. 🙏🏻🌿🌱🧚🏻‍♀️