Wellspring~ Nourishing Womb Elixir~ for Pms cramp relief


WELLSPRING~ Womb nourishing elixir~ ✨NEW!✨

I was guided to make this womb supporting elixir a few months ago (it takes 2-3 months to make!) and I understand why it is of upmost importance now... as in the last couple months there have been countless reports of women’s menstrual cycles getting thrown off in several ways... lots of irregularities with excessive pain and bleeding... the cause for this is still a mystery... and so what a time to humbly ask the plants and our Mother Earth to lovingly support, nourish, and bring balance and alignment to our precious womb space.

Every womb is a wellspring. A place that hold and carries the very of essence of life. And death. It grows. And births. And it sheds. It is from this space that we hold our connection to creator/source energy. And we can birth worlds, visions, dreams, ideas, along with our physical babies. It is a place to be tended to and nourished, as it is our wombs that nourish and birth this world and humankind into existence!
The plant kingdom has so many allies that wish to support us and our wombs. This blend includes: Crampbark to ease cramps and aches, rose and chamomile to soothe the womb and heart, raspberry leaf to replenish and revitalize the womb space, yarrow to help with excessive flow, ginger to help with inflammation and bring warmth and vitality to the organs and spirit!

So happy to offer this now! What the world needs now is our wombs of living waters to be the WELLSPRINGS of the world in any capacity that they are able. We need visionaries, healers, wise women (we are ALL wise) to step up and offer the gifts they carry within. I do believe we have the power within us to collectively birth a new earth... and dream a new dream for humanity... from an inner wellspring of LOVE! 🥰


take 1-2 droppers full throughout the day as needed in the days leading up to your cycle and during your cycle. Close your eyes. Breath deep into your belly. Hands on your womb. And send love and blessings to that sacred space.