White Light - Perfume Oil


Come to your highest self with this rich and uplifting mediation oil. Featuring the sacred oils of the lotus flower, regarded for centuries as a source of infinite wisdom, this delightful blend of calming aromas transcends to celestial realms while simultaneously grounding its bearer with the peace of Mother Earth. Endow yourself with the ancient, healing power of White Light.   


Featured Ingredients:

Jasmine: an angelic fragrance associated with the feminine, the moon, and prophetic dreaming. Protects the bearer in the transition through challenging emotions, providing a calming anchor of reprieve. Assists in compassion, love, and intention. Attracts both spiritual and physical love.

Sandalwood: a valuable, beautifying oil that heals skin and inspires the spirit. Aromas of balsam wood encourage a meditative state assisting in the bearer’s awareness of the spiritual and physical realms. Offering harmony, peace, serenity, and unity, sandalwood helps to create a feeling of safety in which to foster spiritual and emotional healing.

Black Pepper: an angelic fragrance empowering the bearer with fearlessness, motivation, fortitude, and will. Guides and protects in the pursuit of dreams and, when used with intent, allows guardian angels to offer protection.

Clary Sage: a calming oil that aids in lifting depression, alleviating stress, and reducing insomnia. Fills the spirit with love, beginning with self and extending outward. Awakens the angelic realm of the subconscious to bring peace, harmony, and contentment. Balances female hormones, stimulates the libido, and reduces anxiety, including paranoia, stress, and melancholy.

Frankincense oil: awakens spiritual awareness by connecting us with our inner gold to release feelings associated with the ego, like unworthiness and insecurity, while inducing feelings of peace and relaxation. Amplifies prayers, protects and holds the wisdom of the ages.

Lavender: call on your angels with this nurturing, healing oil, which offers the warm, protective love of Mother Earth and reminds us that we are never alone. Lifts depression, harmonizes our emotionality with love, and increases intuition. 

White Lotus: associated with Quan Yin, and held sacred by Egyptians, Hindus, and Buddhists, this oil represents the purest form of spiritual love and is a symbol of peace, rebirth, and fertility. Opening the crown chakra, it prompts the bearer toward greater alignment with the Divine, with ones truest self, and ones sense of purpose. Assists in self-actualization when working to attain higher truths. The lotus flower is a mystical, and magical symbol of enlightenment and has been used in meditation since the time of Buddha.


Ingredients: Essential Oils of Jasmine, White Lotus, Clary Sage, Black Pepper, Lavender, & Sandalwood.