White Rose and Cedar - Aura Cleansing Mist/Precious Perfume


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A brand new aura cleansing mist I made for the Summer Solstice. Spray around body, on body, on face, in hair, in the room, on your pillow... everywhere... also makes an amazing hair perfume!! Made with a wildcrafted wild white rose hydrosol we harvested and distilled together the day before the Solstice.. and this year we upgraded it by also adding the very rare and precious White Rose Essential oil. Rose is known to be one of the most prized essential oils out there, and white rose is like an essential oil unicorn! Rare and hard to find.. also $$$ ☺️.. but so special as it really works with the high heart chakra and connects you directly to your angels and your entire light worker team! This spray also contains notes of cedarwood, black spruce, balsam fir, labdanum distillate (from France!) and Labrador tea essential oil which comes from Canada but was distilled at this super amazing distillery I visited in France! I've looked everywhere for this essential oil and finally found it... it smells fresh, sweet, menthol and woodsy... just like the forest floor!!! 


An excerpt from the Nature Oracle Cards by Ian Scott~

The white rose is the sign of the goddess the moon and all that is feminine. Symbolising the power of the goddess the four elements seasons and directions. Bringing life to where there was previously none. Activating white light energy and the healing code itself.

Goddess: Aphrodite

Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Star Sign: Pisces

Energy: Feminine

Bathing in white roses is said to bring to you your twin flame.  Using perfume made from white roses dowses you in blissful magneticness.