Wild and Free~ Oil based~Protection Spray


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Trying something new this year! An oil based spray on natural mosquito repellent for quick on the go application! Just shake well, spray on and rub in! This is meant only for skin and not clothing. We have our water based spray that is made exclusively for clothing, not skin. This is because essential oils do not dissolve in water and they need to be diluted in a carrier oil before applying to skin for safety reasons. We also have the Wild and Free protection balm, which is essentially a body butter with very effective bug repelling oils! You choose what medium suits you best! Trying to have something for everybody 😘😘😘

If you are looking for kid safe bug repellent, see our Fairy Friend Protection Balm (mosquitos) and our Fairy Friend Magic Protection Wand (ticks)... both double as aromatherapy potions and can be used throughout the year as a body butter/healing salve (balm) and as a natural perfume and shimmer (wand/roller)💗