Wildflower Healing Serum


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Wildflower Healing Serum is back! This beautiful serum is meant for the BODY.. not face .. it helps to heal up bites, burns, dry itchy skin, inflammation, and all kinds of skin ailments! Also relieves symptoms caused by eczema and dermatitis. 
This infused blend contains the healing power of FLOWERS! Classic Calendula, Healing Helichrysum, Radiant Rose (and Rosehip!), Calming chamomile, Soothing Lavender, and nourishing evening primrose. This is a low essential oil potion... safe for everyone except teeny tiny babies! 

*not listed on the label but important to note: the St. John’s wort herb is infused into sweet almond oil and is therefor not suitable for anyone with NUT allergies!*