Sacred Garden~Yoni Oil🌸


This precious potion can be used for:
-daily vaginal massage to tone tissues and bring more love and LIFE to your precious petals!
-to soothe inflammation, dryness, irritation and infections.
- to soothe and help with ingrown hairs, chaffing, and any other discomfort
-to be used as a healing perineal massage oil pre and post birth.
-can be used on sore and irritated nipples
-as a personal lubricant... but NOT suitable for use with latex condoms. This is an OIL! ☺️💗


This is a gentle yet powerful blend of herbs to soothe, tone, restore, and bring life back to your lovely lady parts! Made with a special blend of oils that resonate with the root, sacral, and heart chakras including; pomegranate, cherry kernel, hibiscus, almond, camellia, coconut, Jojoba, and Monoi de Tahiti with healing herbal infusions of chickweed, plantain, st.johns wort, and rose... with TRACE amounts of essential oils.. ginger root to stimulate circulation and to bring life to the root chakra... allowing a strong connection to the life force of the earth itself... bringing feelings of safety and comfort and of course to ‘spice things up’... Rose essential oil to open the HEART chakra and promote self love, overcome shame, move through trauma associated with sexuality, birth, etc. Rose promotes regeneration of skin cells, and brings a sensual JOY and pleasure... as it connects us with the deepest LOVE. Roman Chamomile is Healing and soothing to both issues in the tissues as well as to the spirit. It’s like a sweet nurturing embrace. Sacred Frankincense is extremely tonifying and it imparts depth and sacredness to every encounter and connection with your Sacred Garden. 💗


But first things first... in order to having a healthy and thriving vagina there are some things to eliminate and AVOID:

-Any soap or product with synthetic fragrance and synthetic colourants.

-Conventional bubble bath (just use liquid Castile soap!) or bath bombs made with synthetic fragrance and colours. 

-conventional laundry detergents (buy natural!)

-underwear made of sythentics (look for natural fibres like cotton or bamboo.... your vagina needs to breathe!) 

-douching... (your vagina is a self cleaning machine) 

-glycerin or water based lubricants (glycerin is FILLED with sugar and feeds on YEAST) water based lubricants are filled with chemicals and alcohols that can CAUSE dryness and irritation.. not to mention the low vibration of chemicals you are inflicting on your most precious parts) 

-a diet full of sugar and white bread.... this creates and feeds yeast throughout the entire body which leads to yeast overgrowth and yeast infections

.... there is so much more to say but I’ll leave it at here! 

Oh ya... summer is coming.. find time to let the SUN shine in where it normally doesn’t shine☺️ seriously! Let her breathe! Let her bloom into radiance like the world around us! Never forget the connection to the heartspace ☺️💗🌹