You Are Infinite~Ritual Aromatherapy Roller~inspiration, inner light, and strength

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You Are Infinite~ Ritual Roller💫 When I first made this, it came me as a ‘Winter Blues’ blend... a bright citrus blend to lift the spirits... but I wanted to go deeper... because in the darkest of times, we truly have dive deep within ourselves to find our infinite soul light. The light that brought us here and the light that we will ride when we leave this plane. It’s the light that guides our purpose, our vision, our reason for being.. and sometimes that is actually all we need to do... is just be. To be still and sit in our darkness... and in the quiet.. if we are patient, we will feel our ancient and glorious spark... lit up like the brightest star against the blackest night. Dive deep... dive deep... 💫💫💫 it’s always there to light the way.
This beautiful blend is full of uplifting citrus... lemongrass, Orange, lemon, lime, bergamot, grapefruit and yuzu, blended with sweet and mellow blue tansy... which soothes sadness and helps with apathy.. it gives you the get and go when you need it the most. Lavender balances and calms... and brings a nurturing mother type of energy. Frankincense, Myrrh, and copaiba connect us with our spiritual nature... with a reverent feeling... as we remember how ancient and holy we are in the great web of life. We may only be one light, but together we create a beautiful sea of stars. We are in this together. 🙏🏻