You Are Stardust~ Light reflecting~ Setting Mist


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Brand new ‘You Are Stardust’ light reflecting setting mist! For Face, hair, and you can even use on the body as well as it makes a light ‘perfume’ that leaves an iridescent glow on skin!
This gorgeous blend of aloe Vera, jojoba, colloidal silver, mica and essential oils leaves the skin looking dewy, plump, and hydrated...GLOWING would be the word.
Essential oils of magnolia blossom, Neroli, lavender, clary sage, frankincense and jasmine, truly elevate the spirit as they resonate with the Third eye, crown, and soul star chakras... connecting one to their most celestial and eternal being-ness... opening one up to their intuition and to their deep and far reaching celestial SOUL Beauty and wisdom! Of course the oils work wonders on the skin as well! 😘 I hope you all love this mist as much as I do! 💗